Thursday, April 20, 2006


At the start of this baseball season I promised myself I would not do three things.
1. Engage in Fantasy Baseball
2. Post on this Blog about the Red Sox or baseball in general
3. Post a comment on a Red Sox Blog.
I have already done two of those things so I guess its all out the window. I am ridiculous for the Red Sox right now, more than I have ever been. Before 2004 it was about winning the World Series, now I want sheer, unabashed domination. Here are the things I am most excited about.

  • Jonathan Papelbon, I have been gaga over him since last season and now he is killing it as our closer.

  • Curt Schilling, I cant stand listening to him talk, but he's 4-0 and striking people out in the 6th on 95 mph heat.

  • Josh Beckett, lunatic plain and simple. I hope I see him someday in person just so he can tell me to go fuck myself.

  • David Ortiz is special in such a special way that it can only be called special, by the way I am holding back tears just typing that.

  • Depth at every position

  • Coco Crisp, Jonny Damon may have broken my heart but Coco is gonna steal it back.

  • My Father, he said he doesn't really get too into the season until June, two nights ago he told me I would have to dose his Red Sox flames because he was so excited. He also bought a Yaz jersey signed by yaz himself.

  • Everything else, especially May 1st when the Spankees come to Fenway


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