Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Arab Strap, Knitting Factory NYC, 4.8.06

This was indeed much better than the boston show. Same exact set as Boston but tighter and crisper. The sound in the Knitting Factory was leaps and bounds above that of Great Scott. the encore consisted of my two favorite songs from Monday at the Hug and Pint, "The Shy Retirer" and "Serenade". They were both played acoustically, just Aidan and Malcolm, and at first I was dissapointed because part of the reason I like those songs so much is that they are dance songs. About half way through "The Shy Retirer" I realized that I like them not because of their beats but because of their mood, the melancholy hidden behind the beats and the melodies. Their success as song writers is that the can convey those moods and textures with just acoustic guitars or enitre scores of instruments, it comes down to just the songs in the end.


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