Thursday, March 30, 2006

White Teeth

Is it possible to be a fan of a writer without having read a word she has written? Well I have been a fan of Zadie Smith since I first read an interview with her, and its only now that I have gotten around to reading her first novel White Teeth. I am enjoying it tremendously, great characters, great story, but it also is speaking to the British history student in me. She does such a wonderful job of illustrating the racism and prejudices that post-colonial white Britons had towards their new darker skinned neighbors. She slips in subtle jabs at not just white Britons, but East Indian, and Southern-Asian Britons as well. It is like reading Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies publications without the Marxism, and, you know, it's funny.

You nailed the interview but those darn binge drinking photos on Myspace.

The Boston Globe has an interesting article about employers searching blogs and social networking sites for information on job applicants. It seems this has become an increasing practice. I list my blog on my resume and emphasized it on my grad school application. I would not however point someone to my Myspace profile, simply because it is silly not incriminating. It is funny to think of a human resources manager scrolling through Facebook and Myspace to see what an applicant is really like.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Long Time

I was told to put anything up here so here is some stuff.

Go here to see pictures from SXSW this year.

Jim has a blog now.

I'll be going to graduate school at The New School next fall.

Monday officially begins the Red Sox season.

My friend Eli is a director.

It's hard to admit but I agree with our president in some facets of Immigration reform.

That's all for now. More later. I will get back into this. March was hectic, so is April.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My friend Justin makes great music under the moniker Cacheflowe. He has an album out, and now you can listen to his songs on XLR8R's website. Way to go Justin!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ted Leo/RX and The Duke Spirit.

Ted and the pharmacists performed last night at Toad's Place in New Haven CT. Two other bands played, one from New Haven and the other from Spain, thats about all they warrant. The Duke Spirit won me over. I enjoyed their first album but they were leaps and bounds better live, which is always a great thing. Ted was Ted. It was a "spirited" set. To apply that adjective to a Ted Leo show, which are always spirited, should give you a good idea of the energy level. He played some new songs which have no tricks or riffs, they're just killers. Also the RX drummer is now known as "Professor Percussion" because I said so. A few more photos can be seen on my flickr.