Monday, February 27, 2006

Thoughts while reading.

I am currently reading Mediated by Thomas De Zengotita. It is good so far, perhaps a little too tounge in cheek at times, which is the point anyway. It has gotten me thinking, especially passages like this:
If the performance of one's everyday life is the most comprehensive manifestation of the mediated self's centrality, it is also the subtlest, the most diluted. Something more obvious was needed. All that was lacking were the means.
Until recently.

In my ongoing fascination with Myspace this one hit me. Seriously, "All that was lacking were the means." should be Myspace's motto. This passage is a part of his book where De Zengotita reflects upon the need for individual celebrity for all of us. It was the new tools offered by the web and expansion of tv programming, i.e. Current TV, that allowed for each of us to become a celebrity of sorts, we want to be looked at, we want to be celebrated.


Blogger jimboween said...

other than using pompusly overcomplicated language (if that passage is any indication) it sounds like an interesting read. he wasn't specifically talking about myspace, was he?

10:52 AM  

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