Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sigur Ros

I attended Sigur Ros' Boston show last night at The Orpheum Theater. It was my first time seeing the group, and I had heard from many folks that their live show is above and beyond normal musical experiences. It was very very good, but fell short of being great. I ascribe this to the fact that the majority of songs they played were from Takk, which is a very very good album, but not great. I am much more a fan of the near perfect ( ), off which they only played three songs.

As a live band they are truly captivating, opening the set with Glosoli played behind a silk screen where the members appeared as skewed and elongated silhouettes. My friend asked me if I thought they would play the whole show like that, they did not. They raised the screen and propelled for over an hour through their songs, with little sound experiments being played in between. They had a wonderful aesthetic, with synced lights and a large screen, directly behind the band, displaying abstract video and image montages. The treat was the encore. The silk screen was dropped again and they played my favorite song Untitled 8. The lights went haywire and the images on the screen were flashing at a breakneck frames per second. Then it was silent, perhaps the most perfect moment of the show, and true compliment to the power of their sound, for a near full five seconds after the last note, all you could hear was the hum of an amp, then roaring applause.


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