Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How Does It Sound?

Belle and Sebastian's new album The Life Pursuit has been garnering a good deal of praise, best evidenced by this Salon review note: you have to watch a brief ad to get access to the site. What is missing in a lot of the reviews, and in music reviews in general is a discussion of music. Much of the to-do about The Life Pursuit is that it was made in L.A. with a big name producer. The reviews ask questions about Belle and Sebastians place in the pop canon, and the fanaticism of their fan base. Few tell me, a fan, what the songs actually sound like.

I feel that the majority of music critiquing these days relies heavily upon gossip and social context, as well as historical context. Sometimes I don't care what a band is all about, I only want to know what the songs are all about.


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