Sunday, January 22, 2006

It Has Begun

The last few weeks have been full of official announcements and hype for SXSW this year. The fest is definitely going to be the biggest yet and I cannot wait. Arab Strap and Xiu Xiu are playing, The Matador showcase is officially out of control and now to add to all that. LIFETIME ARE REUNITING AND PLAYING SXSW!!!!! Lifetime is a "hardcore" band from way back in the 90's who when I think of them these words come to mind: Innovative, Influential, Unbelievable. They are playing with some crap bands but i could care less. Links for SXSW to follow, i will probably be posting more and more about it as it approaches as well.

So Lifetime have already reunited. I am just unaware of the going on's within hardcore these days. Ah well it will still be nice to catch their set at SXSW


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