Monday, December 12, 2005

World Baseball Classic

I normally don't like to write about sports. However, I am beyond excited for the World Baseball Classic this spring. It will be interesting to see how lineups are constructed and pitchers are used. It will also be nice to watch teams without caring about the outcome, although I do think I will be routing for the Dominican Republic, sorry USA. Baseball has become so intricate and stat based, each team has a philosophy, i.e. small ball, power, defensive play etc. I doubt managers will have time to dictate their play based upon a philosophy.

As to why I will route for DR. The Dominican Republic has produced the greatest, and my favorite, players of this generation. It will be the most powerful hitting lineup in the history of the sport, and the best pitcher of the last ten years, Pedro, will be their ace. It will showcase how a small, impoverished nation has been able to create "natural" ball players of a claiber unseen lately. I will route for DR because their players are just that, naturals. They dont go to clinics and camps and they dont have the newest gear or best fields. They just play to play. I cannot wait.


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