Monday, December 05, 2005

Overly Excited With A Lack of Info

Yesterday morning i was fast asleep on the floor of a friends apartment in NYC. My phone rang and I decided to not answer , but then I did answer only to find out from the caller that Arab Strap is playing SXSW as part of their US tour in March. I had been looking everywhere for info on a possible AS tour, but could find little info. Their newest album is being released in the US in February, it came out in the UK this past fall and my gushing review is on this site. I did find this info on Donewaiting's SXSW blog. So it seems it is true. I am beyond happy for this news. Because it means i will be able to see them in Austin in March and then perhaps in Boston and New York as well.

This does bring up the one frustration I have with my favorite band. They do not make any info about their US activities easy to find. It seems since their split with Matador they have given up on the Colonies. Oh well, I am thinking of applying to be their webmaster, since their's seems to moved on.


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