Friday, December 02, 2005

Can It Be?!

Has Pitchfork been usurped again by a smaller more agile indie blog? It would seem that this is true. The news of the Neutral Milk demos has been around for a few days on Tiny Mix Tapes and Brooklyn Vegan. I have been thinking alot lately about the idea of independent media and Pitchfork especially. It seems that there is definitely an anti-Pitchfork contingent, I even have heard of a group in Austin that is trying to create a site to specifically compete with Pitchfork! It would seem that just like in all forms of media, the small blog will continue to scoop the bigger sites and media outlets. I'm assuming Pitchfork has a Masthead and Editorial staff, whereas Brooklyn Vegan just posts. Interesting to nerds like me I suppose. I will however commend Pitchfork for their great oral history piece on Detroit Techno and Chicago House. That seems to be their greatest strength in my eyes, to write great contextualized articles and gain access to artists and musicians.


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