Thursday, December 29, 2005


Instead of a defined list here are the albums, shows and musical going ons I was really into this year. Goodbye 2005.

Xiu Xiu's album La Foret was huge for me this year. I could not stop listening to it, and Jamie and Caralee don't give an inch. Seeing their live show at the Middle East in Cambridge during the worst part of my year was by far the best live show I saw this year. Aside from La Foret they released myriad albums and splits and evev created a new band with Larsen, XXL. I look forward to see what 2006 brings for the hardest working band in avant-destructo-post-pop, haha.

Arab Strap are perhaps my favorite band. Their newest album, The Last Romance, made a big impression on me. I was cool to it first as they eschewed drum machines and simple structures for more refined instrumentation and songs. My review of it is here. There music is as personal as it gets for me, and it looks like they are crossing the pond in 06, SXSW included.

Black Dice's Broken Ear Record got me going crazy when it came out.

Jose Gonzalez was a pleasant discovery, for many people I'm sure, his voice is good but it's his style of guitar playing that is the real treat.

I gained an appreciation for avant-garde composers, especially Alvin Lucier

Discovering that not only does my old friend Nat Baldwin perform, compose, and sing his own songs, but he is friends with my Austin friends, and I love his work.

Broken Social Scene's self titled record is great, the sum of many is greater than one and all that. However I didn't dig on Metric and The Most Serene Republic too much.

Like everyone else on the face of the planet, Animal Collective's Feels moved me in a very profound way. The people who say Animal Collective are on their way to becoming one of those legendary bands are wrong, they already are.

Then there is the more accessible version of Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear who I fell deeply in love with on Halloween night when they opened for The Mountain Goats.

The Books album Lost & Safe was tremendous.

I really loved getting to know Patrick Wolf's music.

Diplo is ridiculous, and on that note if I had to choose an album of the year it would have to be M.I.A.'s Arular for making an unbelievable dance album full of cheap sounds, reactionary politics and great beats. It is a new genre and it was the most exciting album of the year for me anyway.

BEST SHOWS I WAS AT IN 2005, also known as WHO CARES!

Sub-Pop showcase at SXSW, Thermals and Sleater Kinney killed, absolutely killed.

Some Girls at SXSW, I should have mentioned their record The DNA Will Have Its Say up above but I only really listened to it a handful of times. Some Girls set reminded that punk and hardcore should be about volume, anger, and just not giving a fuck about any one's opinion.

Xiu Xiu at the Middle East. Words Can't Describe.

Prefuse 73 at the Middle East. Top Notch form for the knob twiddler.

Ted Leo at the South St. Seaport

The Mountain Goats and Grizzly Bear on Hallowen at the Knitting Factory

The Go! Team at the Paradise Boston

Thats about it. I know I am forgetting plenty, but 2005 has been a trying year for me and its ending on a sad note. I am excited for 2006 and here is what I'm already looking forward to.
Sigur Ros US Tour
Moving to New York
New Design and focus for this Blog

Happy New Year To Anyone Who Actually Reads This.


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