Friday, November 18, 2005

True Til Death

In my last post I discussed issues of Boston media and Boston Hardcore. I was an avid fan and "member" of the "hardcore scene". But in the last four years or so have drifted to a much more varied taste in music. I haven't been to a hardcore show in years and rarely follow any new bands or goings on anymore. Since that article in last Sunday's Boston Globe however, i haven't been able to get enough of my old hardcore records and cds. It has been refreshing. While I have alot of 7 inches and LPs that i don't really care for, there are some songs and bands that have me feeling like I did when I was 17 and moshing all the time. I enjoy that I have a entirely seperate music collection that is very nostalgic for me. Some highlights

The Hope Conspiracy-
I saw this band at a BANE/In My Eyes show, one of the final IME shows, The Hope Con was just starting out and they just threw me against the proverbial wall. Deep guitars, heavy bass and crushing drums provide the backdrop to Baker's lyrics of desperation, hopelessness and betrayl. CRUCIAL!

There have been bands in my life that have been THE BAND. BANE was that band for my first three years of college. Their first few seven inches are still some of the best hardcore ever made, ever. The many times i saw BANE still list as not only some of the best shows of my life, but some of the most fun times of my life, example- a kid doing a backflip off a baclony into the crowd during "Can We Start Again"

In My Eyes-
One of the best Straight Edge bands from the posi-core resurgence of the late 90's. Sweet Pete was the real deal as far as lyrics and stage presence go. I'm glad I saw as many times as I did before they succumbed to the standard two albums then break up hardcore formula.

I absolutley worshipped their first record, and absolutley hated their second,but the real treat was finding the 7 inch they did with ten yard fight. Fully forward thinking melodic hardcore that would be unbelievably popular now.

Those four bands combined with American Nightmare, Converge and Reach The Sky ( I still listen to those bands about once a month so they dont count for nostalgia) made up my listening habits for years. Its fun to get amped up on them again.


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