Monday, November 14, 2005

Of Course

So Chuck Klosterman is now writing a monthly column on In a way this was surprising, seeing Klostermans name on the sports monolith's website. Yet this is ESPN, who are beyond savvy in bringing in talent that will bring in new customers, and this is Chuck Klosterman who likes to get his name out there a bit. I like Chuck, when i pick up a SPIN, in airports or train stations, his work is really the only satisfying writing in there. To be honest I feel like SPIN is almost like People for those of us who listen to a more nuanced set of artists, haha. I used to enjoy , but now one must pay for nearly every article of substance and ESPN the network has lost me completely. I am a rabid baseball fan and I am finding a new fledgling relationship with the NBA, but that is where my sports interests ended, or so i thought. I am beyond fascinated with the business of sports and the role that espn now plays in it. That network shells out billions of dollars to host the NFL and has an even bigger stake in baseball starting next season. The business of sports is really like no other. The dirty laundry of contracts and trades and just plain old back stabbing and gossip are not only played out in public, but are broadcast across the globe over an over and over. So now when I find myself watching ESPN or travelling to their website, it is often just to see what hype is being perpetrated by THE MEDIA outlet of professional sports. They most assuredly have an agenda and its fun to decipher it. That was a bit of a tangent I suppose, but read Klosterman's article even if you don't like sports you will see something in there you recognize.


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