Monday, October 24, 2005

Myspace is killing us all

So I had a very personal experience happen because of Myspace. I won't go into detail but the experience really hit me, and once it had been gotten over and sorted out i started to think. Myspace is a goliath. Socially it has allowed me and my cousins to form a group and essentially be able to contact eachother whenever the need arises. I have physically reunited with two old great friends because we found eachother on the site. This is all whats good about Myspace, that as a social tool it works. What bothers me is the size of the site. I used to belong to a very rudimentary social site that was essentially for members of the Hardcore and Inide scenes, pre O.C. and fashion core. This site was good and Friendster essentially perfected it. Then Myspace blew it all up. I use Myspace instead of Friendster primarily because more of my friends use it as well. Its popularity and success have created some downfalls. Rupert Murdoch now owns it. Advertising is through the roof and it seems the administartors don't really check on folks profiles anymore, which is why i get solicitaions for all sorts of products and services through my inbox. I know i will continue to use the site, because it is fun and i do enjoy finding my friends and reconnecting. I am acquiring a growing distaste for it though and wonder how much longer it will hold my fancy.


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