Friday, October 28, 2005

Libby Indicted

So "Scooter" is charged with Felony counts. I'm in between classes as a sub and just for kicks took a look at the major newspaper websites to see who's headline said what. The Boston Globe, NY Times, and LA Times, all ran big font "Libby Indicted" type copy, the WSJ had it listed beneath whats news, and the one I was counting on , The Washington Times, doesn't even have it on its lead page. The W Times just has a big pic of Harriet Miers smiling. I was expecting that from the W Times and applaud them on their consistency. This will be my last politically related post for awhile. Just read Daily Kos.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On Cheney

There is an interesting article in today's Boston Globe about the predicament that Vice President Cheney is in due to the Plame investigation. The article speaks about how Cheney, as President Ford's Chief of Staff, was responsible for moving Ford's administration away from Nixon and Watergate. Cheney has been a strong propnent of Executive powers being free from scrutiny under certain circumstances. It is interesting that now he finds himself facing a scandal, while not to the extent of Watergate, that depending on indictments could seriously damage not only the administration but Cheney's career and future.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Myspace is killing us all

So I had a very personal experience happen because of Myspace. I won't go into detail but the experience really hit me, and once it had been gotten over and sorted out i started to think. Myspace is a goliath. Socially it has allowed me and my cousins to form a group and essentially be able to contact eachother whenever the need arises. I have physically reunited with two old great friends because we found eachother on the site. This is all whats good about Myspace, that as a social tool it works. What bothers me is the size of the site. I used to belong to a very rudimentary social site that was essentially for members of the Hardcore and Inide scenes, pre O.C. and fashion core. This site was good and Friendster essentially perfected it. Then Myspace blew it all up. I use Myspace instead of Friendster primarily because more of my friends use it as well. Its popularity and success have created some downfalls. Rupert Murdoch now owns it. Advertising is through the roof and it seems the administartors don't really check on folks profiles anymore, which is why i get solicitaions for all sorts of products and services through my inbox. I know i will continue to use the site, because it is fun and i do enjoy finding my friends and reconnecting. I am acquiring a growing distaste for it though and wonder how much longer it will hold my fancy.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Last Romance

So Arab Strap's new album came out this week, which for me is like having your birthday on christmas while taking really good ecstasy and participating in a naked lady avalanche( which is my friend Josh's term and i will not take credit). "The Last Romance" is not so much a departure as it is a progression. Gone are the drum machines and slowly picked acosutic guitars. Instead we have a full band sound, with quickly and slowly picked electric guitars. There actually are some great acoustic tracks. Malcolm sings as best he can. The biggest progression is that while it isn't the mope fest of "Philophobia", or the epic sad-core masterpiece "The Red Thread", it is somewhat optimistic. Pitchfork said it is happy in spots, which i guess it may be, but for Arab Strap who are synonymous with depression, there is never straight out happiness. How I see it is that the earlier albums were about being broken hearted and fucking and taking drugs and drinking until you blackout and then doing it over and over again. "Monday at the Hug and Pint" began to allude to the new attitude of the band, which i read as, I have led a life of heartbreak and substance abuse and casual everything but I am ok. It is an album about not moving on or forgetting or getting happy but taking everything you've ever done, every one you've ever loved and lost and understanding that you can be a sane and somehwat happy person regardless. Which to me is nice feeling.

I know i haven't said much about the music but it is par for the Arab Starp course. No more beats just drum sets, lots of strings, some horns, all beauty. I do not think this album could de-throne "Philophobia", "The Red Thread" or even "Monday at the Hug and Pint" as one of their best, but it is a good record and it is Arab Strap. Can they do no wrong?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sufjan Stevens

So i do not like to be negative in any way, especially about musicians i don't like, i normally just shrug them off an never listen to them or pay them mind. They do what they do and so on. Sufjan Stevens is a rare exception, i will not bash him, because i do like one song, but everything else i have ever heard, which includes "Michigan" and "Illinoise" i cannot stand. Today I heard a song of his on the radio and, once again, found it completely unlistenable. I have tried and tried to understand what it is about him i don't like and cannot put a finger on it. It is beginning to really frustrate me. Someone please help!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


So yesterday my friend purchased the new Danger Doom album, a collab between DJ Danger Mouse and MF Doom. It's a little silly seeing how the characters fromAqua Teen Hunger Force play a prominent role in a lot of the album. Having these Doom and Danger Mouse involved kind of guarantees silliness, but track three kicks in and sure enough theres Ghost Face doin what Ghost Face does. So it got me thinking about Rap and how when Ghost Face and Wu Tang came out in the early 90's having cartoon characters on your album would have been suicide.

I hold the Wu Tang in high esteem. I remember the day fondly, i was in sixth grade and Grunge ruled my life. I despised rap in all shapes and forms. I was watching MTV and the C.R.E.A.M video came on. I thought the Wu Tang Clan was the coolest group i had ever seen and i loved that song. Enter the 36 Chambers is still one of my favorite albums. Lauded as the future of hip hop the Wu spread out all over the Rap and entertainment worlds. Method Man is essentially a cartoon character himself, ODB is dead, RZA is scoring films, and Ghost Face, GZA, Raekwon and Inspectah Deck keep putting out good albums. This post has no point other than Rap has come far enough that its ok for Ghost Face Killer to take second billing to four cartoon characters and everyone will be fine with that, because after all Ghost Face is in Wu Tang and they have nothing to prove.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Tuesday I subbed at the private day school i attended from 2nd to 9th grade. I went from moderately unemployed music maker and writer to bona fide responsible adult. Heres what I learned.

1. The teachers i had as a student who were still there have not changed. It was beyond creepy. They look, dress, and act exactly the same. I graduated from there 9 years ago and these people have not aged. There may be something going on and i fear if i sub long enough they will try to bring me into the fold.

2. Sixth graders still fear any and all adults, even those with little to no idea of what they are doing. Sixth grade boys really enjoy math and get visibly upset when Sixth grade girls aren't into the class math project. They're doomed.

3. 7th graders are one step below feral caged animals. The english classes i "taught" devolved so quickly it was impressive. I threatened and bribed and then lied about worksheets they had to do saying they would be graded as a quiz and anyone who talked would have their quiz taken and automatically fail. HA! suckers

4. After teaching 12-14 yr olds for three hours straight a ciggarette is perhaps the greatest relief of all time. If i could smoke in the class room things would be alot different.

Im going back friday, 7th grade english, and i am throwing someone out of class immediately, maybe even the shy kid, just to prove a point. In fact i may send myslef into the hall , after all when i went there and i got kicked out of class i used to just sleep in front of my locker.