Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Trail Journals

So i have a friend, Jim, hiking the Appalachian Trail right now. Of course like all things these days we can be kept up to date via , a site like live journal for hikers out on the trail. Im not entirely sure how some of them post everydaybeing on trails and whatnot , i know Jim emails a bulk of entires to his Mom and she posts them.There are photos and funny anecdotes and whatnot but perhaps most interesting are the trail names, each hiker has a trail name that they go by for the whole hike, Jims is unfortunatey super trooper, i reccomended The Duke Owl, but i think only hikers can bequeath trail names. Anyway check out and type in super trooper to see Jim or just read about all the hikers out there doing whatever it is they do.

My Self Appointed Trail Names:
Optimus Grime